Nearly Departed is available for free in the AppStore, with an optional subscription to unlock premium features.

Free features

  • Define up to 5 favourite routes.
  • View up to 2 hours of live departures from a station, departures between two stations.
  • View up to 20 hours of scheduled departures between two stations.
  • Use your location to show departures from your closest station, or to automatically determine your direction of travel between two stations.
  • Show alerts for your route, and the reasons why a service is delyed or cancelled.
  • View departures on your Apple Watch.
  • View departures in an iOS home screen widget.
  • Show details about train stations: station location, ticketing and toilet facilities, rail replacement services, customer services, left luggage and lost property.
  • Show details about the coach formation of services, where that information is provided by the train operator.
  • Alternative iOS app icons.

Premium subscription features

  • Define more than 5 routes.
  • View the progress of a service.
  • Show the estimated arrival time for disrupted services.
  • Pin services, so you can easily find them later.
  • Live Activities for pinned train services.

How to get premium features

Nearly Departed was briefly sold in the AppStore for a fee - so if you downloaded a very early version, then premium features are available to you for free. Tap “Restore Previous Purchases” to unlock premium features.

If you routinely use iOS accessibility features (VoiceOver, Dynamic Type, or Switch Control), then you can also get premium features for free, because travelling by public transport in the UK is already difficult enough. The app will detect this automatically.

For everyone else, premium feature are available for a small monthly or annual subscription.