Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information collected or submitted in the Nearly Departed apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Information we collect

All information collected via the app is anonymous, and is used exclusively to gain insight into how the app is used, in order to improve it for everybody.


If you choose to email to ask for support, then whatever information you share will be stored. Any information received by us via email will only be used to support your query. Your feedback may be used to help us decide on changes/additions to app features, to improve the app for everybody. Contents of any email you send will not be shared, and you will not receive unsolicited email from us.

Information we do not collect

We do not - and never will - collect, collate, or share, your location data. When we use your location to find your nearest station, or determine your direction of travel, that work is performed entirely on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Data collected by us

The apps send some anonymous usage data to a server operated by us. This includes:

  • metrics about the number of users who purchase an AppStore subscription (but not who subscribes)
  • routes created inside the app, including the selected stations (but not who created these routes). This information is used to provide route suggestions to other users

Data collected by third parties

The apps also send data anonymously to third parties:

Third Party What is it used for?
App Store Connect Apple provide this service to all app developers. This includes information to help us diagnose app crashes and other problems. They also share metrics about App Store views, downloads, app launches and user subscriptions.
TelemetryDeck Used to help us understand how the app is used, so we can improve the app for all users.
RevenueCat Used to manage the premium subscription in the app, and to determine a user’s eligibility for premium features.

By using our website or apps, you consent to our privacy policy.

Contacting us

If you have questions regarding this privacy policy, you may email

History of this privacy policy

  • 15 May 2022: The app no longer collects metrics about the number of AppStore reviews. This data is now fetched from Apple
  • 15 November 2021: “AppTelemetry” renamed to “TelemetryDeck”
  • 19 June 2021: First published